Reuss River / Lake Luzern / Kapellbrücke

Reuss meets Lake Luzern   (68k)

This is where Lake Luzern and the Reuss River meet. Swans are always there to greet visitors.

On Steps Feeding Swans

On Steps Feeding Swans  (77k)

Yes they seem to expect food from tourists - go figure.

Church of St. Franz Xaver   (64k)

Unique looking Jesuit Church of Saint Franz Xaver dominates the skyline on the south shore.

Closeup from Kapelbrücke   (75k)

View from Rathaussteg   (60k)

Kapellbrücke, or "Chapel Bridge" in English was built in 1333.

North Shore of Reuss  (70k)

Right before it meets Lake Lucerne, or "Lake of the Four Forest Cantons".

East view from Rathaussteg (70k)


View from Kapellbrücke   (86k)

This old wooden covered bridge was badly damaged by a fire in 1993 but restored wonderfully.

Poom in the snow  (83k)

Part of Kapellbrücke and Reuss River visible in the background.

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