Quaint Cobblestone Street (83k)

Patti in the old part of town.

Casagrande Giftshop

Casagrande Giftshop   (84k)

Patti has a new friend.

Great Old Building   (79k)

This cool building in the Kornmarkt.

Old Swiss House   (84k)

This is just down the street from the famous Lion.

Swiss Francs   (74k)

Bright Swiss Currency - is still preferred over the pedestrian Euro currency.

Frescoed Building Facades   (78k)

This is in the weinmarkt square.

Nice Hotels   (77k)

These are modern, nice-looking hotels in a good location.

Old Clock Tower   (58k)

Clock tower from old Hirschenplatz Inn?

Hofkirche   (61k)

Most important renaissance church in Switzerland re-built in 1645. A benedictine monastery was located here in 8th century.

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