Swiss Food

The Last Bakery

OK this is the last bakery (76k)

Patti enjoys the best hot chocolate in town and a schwärzwaldertorte (a really great chocolate pastry.)

Pastries by the Lake (66k)

Mostly health food around here.

Café Sjug   (55k)

This is the place to go - now we know after trying all the others.

Great place to get warm and write some postcards (73k)

The orange cake closest to Poom looked ordinary, but was steeped in orange liqueur - heavenly!

Chocolate Fondue   (72k)

Heavy way to end a heavy meal - dipping fruit into chocolate.

Fruit and Chocolate   (72k)

This is more than I can eat.

Cheese Fondue   (59k)

When you come to Switzerland you MUST try some fondue.

Square behind Kapelbrücke  (65k)

This is a square filled with flower merchants in summer, and behind that the famous bridge.

Full couple outside Café (61k)

We will return here some day - it's just a matter of time.

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